Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Posted

"It's slice of life monnnth..." she says curled up across the table in her comfortable smile.

"I know," I squirm.

"You could just post every Tuesday and Thursday."  Her eyes brighten with a little mischievous flicker.

"I do wriiite.  I have lots of drafts." 

"Then post one!" she giggles.

"I can't do that." 


"'Cause they're all crappy, that's why."

She laughs, "I'm sure they're not, but how would I know if you don't post!"

I answer back with a quiet eye roll and a grin.  

Nudges.  Honesty.  Smiles.  Squirms.  Laughs.  Acceptance.  

My mentor.

My dear dear friend.

My Ruth.


  1. Oh Becca! You have such a talent for writing! How lucky can you get to have the number one best mentor by your side. You do need to write more, I bet those drafts are not so crappy. :-)

  2. Becca, I hope you are thinking about returning to this little space. There's a whole quiet community of writers who are ready to welcome your return with wide-open arms.

    I love the way you write.

    Shine on,